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With an extensive background in teaching and education for Professionals and Students, Erin is currently accepting students for Voice Lessons, Coaching, and available for Master Classes & more!

She is certified as a Vocal Teacher with the International Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA).  Her students range from beginner to professional.  {ages 12 - Adult, will accept professional children }

Below are a few of the organizations Erin has had the pleasure of teaching for:

During the current pandemic,

EWS is currently offering online lessons only. 

We will return in person when it is safe to do so!


If you cannot find a time, please email and we will find the time!



Getting the opportunity to work with Erin is truly a gift! Whenever I get an audition, she is the first person I contact for a coaching. Whether sides, music, or monologues, she has an innate ability to get one connected with the material and make it feel like home. I always love coaching with her because she helps me discover things in the material that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own, and she makes it relatable and comfortable. Plus, she is just a wonderful human and incredible talent herself. I highly recommend Erin for any of your coaching needs!


Courtney, I NYC

Broadway - Wicked, Something's Rotten

Image by Panos Sakalakis

My Vocal Journey

I have been a professional actor/singer for nearly 20 years.  A few years ago, I was in a Broadway show that I had sung for a very long time.  I had some bad habits built-in and worked around difficult parts of my voice in order to get through 8 shows a week, but I KNEW it could be better. 


I took VERY expensive voice lessons from a high profile teacher in NYC to help and always left with strain and some irritation.  I was told this was normal.  I KNEW it wasn't right for me.  I found my voice teacher who teaches with the IVA method and within *2 lessons I was singing with amazing freedom and quality that I hadn't ever experienced.   It has completely changed me FOR THE BETTER as a singer. 


THIS is why I teach this method and how I know I can get you singing your best in time. 

*Not a guarantee on time, this will be individual for every singer



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