• Erin Wilson

What's Your Word for the Year?

At the beginning of the year, I just couldn't fathom writing a million goals. I was still dealing with a bit of overwhelm from the holiday's and prepping for my 2nd semester teaching at the university. So, instead of workshopping a ton of goals I simply wrote down one word for myself that I could springboard future goals off that one idea.

I also wanted to free-write some goals and dreams for 2021. As we were reminded last year one never knows what life will bring. Separating your dreams from your goals is so empowering. It allows you to see what you can actually do within your control so when you don't win a million dollars in the lottery you aren't let down. You never had control over that anyway, so why make it a goal?!?

I want you to have the same opportunity to brainstorm your performing and personal life goals and dreams for this year. AND to choose your all-important word that will drive your decision making. You can download it HERE! Hang it somewhere you will see it often and think about all the possibilities life has to offer!

Here's to another GREAT year!


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