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Welcome to the Erin Wilson Studio Blog!

Hello friends! I wanted to create a space that I can share ideas, motivation, and music information for students and prospective students! Enter... the BLOG!

Welcome to the Erin Wilson Studio {Blog}! You can read more about me on the website, but I will quickly fill you in here: I have been a professional singer/actor for almost 20 years (she's old)! Broadway, Film/TV is where I have worked and where I want my students to go if they share the same dream I had! Or... if you want to grow as an artist/singer in the area you are in that is also awesome and I want to help you achieve your goals too!

My biggest goal as a teacher/mentor is that everyone I work with always knows their inherent value. You will always feel uplifted and supported by me! As someone who has taken YEARS of classes from many big wigs in the industry, I feel this is one of the most important aspects of growing within a learning environment. Especially one that is as vulnerable as singing, acting, and performing.

Another reason I teach is to motivate artists of the imperative importance of how to behave like a professional artist. What does professional practice look like? How to get from HERE to THERE? How does one make dreams reality? I can't wave a magic wand for anyone, but I do believe there are steps that an artist can make that can assist in achieving whatever dream/goal they have in mind.

I am here as your biggest supporter and hope that no matter what your goals are that you know how awesome you are and you can do anything you put your mind to. So let's do this thing! Let's sing, let's talk about goals, let's practice audition material, do scene work. Whatever it is I want the BEST for you!


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