• Erin Wilson

Train Like Ledecky

Anyone out there excited for the Olympics? I absolutely love them and get way more into it than I ever expected ha. I recently saw a clip of swimmer, Katie Ledecky practicing her freestyle stroke with a cup of chocolate milk on her head.

I was incredibly captivated by this not only because it's so out there but mostly because it showcased to me how SPECIFIC she is in her training. She is one of the BEST at what she does and by breaking down her practice into specific skills instead of training to just be “fast” she ultimately becomes increasingly better.

This reminded me of the blog post I wrote on Deliberate Practice and how specific that kind of training should be. We should practice better not longer.

  • Are you struggling in your higher register? Try working on your lower register.

  • Do you struggle with remembering where to breathe? Have a practice session where you figure out the best areas to breathe and mark them in your music.

  • Do you need a session on listening to music to research new material? Do that!

To sum up….be like Ledecky. Get SPECIFIC in the way you train and you will see results!

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