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The Actor’s Resume - What to Avoid and What to Consider

I have been a professional actor for 18+ years. This means I have been an auditioning actor for 18+ years. I have had MANY resumes through the years but I have also worked as a creative during those years and have seen HUNDREDS. Some good, most bad (yikes).

Here are a few things you want to avoid:

Padding your resume to look full

  • This is usually really obvious and doesn’t help you

  • Casting has seconds to look over it, make sure they see what you really want them to see

Making up credits

  • This will catch up with you and is not a good look

Excess info

  • Don’t feel like you need to list every creative that worked on the project

Adding your personal address

  • You have no control over where your resume will end up with your photo stapled to it

Here are a few things you want to consider:

Don’t worry about chronological order

  • Although, if it’s a college show and you are years out of school you will not want those to be your first credits

What is the story your resume is telling

  • What is your ultimate goal with your career (Leading Parts, Dance Captain, etc)

  • List your resume in such a way that highlights this path

  • HINT: This may mean leaving off credits that no longer serve you

Do you have credits that are out of date with regards to appropriated casting?

  • If you are caucasian and your first credit is Maria from West Side Story, you may want to consider if this serves you

Make it visually pleasing

  • There are MANY programs that can do this for free, you don’t have to have it look like an old school resume to look legitimate--but there is a fine line between professional and fun and unprofessional and cheesy

  • Do not add things that distract, only things that enhance

  • You can use color :)

Always have:


-Union Affiliations

  • if you have them - don’t put Non-Union if you don’t have any

-A phone number to reach you (can be your agents)

-Agency & Agent (if you have one or more)

-For Musical Theatre have your vocal range

  • For instance: G3 - D5 (My current range)

  • I don’t have to put “Soprano” as this is obvious to a Music Director


  • This can be anything and can be in any section of your resume, but it is always nice to have something that is an ice breaker or talking point for the creative in the room

  • Make this an honest thing - not a forced thing

Have questions? Let’s set up a coaching session and get your resume in order!


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