• Erin Wilson

Pinch Points

Have you ever heard the phrase “pinch point?” It’s used in business a lot and in places like manufacturing plants and construction sites. The definition of a pinch point is “a place or point where congestion occurs or is likely to occur.” The Occupational Safety meaning is, “any point other than the point of operation at which it is possible for a part of the body to be caught between the moving parts of a press or auxiliary equipment, or between moving and stationary parts of a press or auxiliary equipment or between the material and moving part or parts of the press…”. Well, that sounds awful. But, what if I said any pinch point can make your life miserable?

Your pinch point in show business is just that though...the thing that causes congestion in your career or process. The choices or circumstances that cause you to be caught between a moving object (getting a job/audition) vs nothing (no job/no audition/no movement).

I want to challenge you to find your pinch point. The one thing that might be holding you back from growth. Find the thing that causes stress (lateness, procrastination, etc), disappointment (fear, uncomfortableness with speaking up, clarifying your thoughts before speaking), or feelings of failure. ALL humans have these and NOW is a great time in life to really get to the bottom of it and overcome it so you don’t look back and wish you had conquered it earlier.

Sit down and think “what is the one thing that is holding me back?” And write down all of the thoughts in your head. Then look back and circle the things that you have within your control to make adjustments. You will not conquer everything in a day but it’s good to be aware of where you can work on yourself.

This business is tough for many reasons and I would hate for any of these pinch points to be the thing that keeps you from doing the thing you are SO GOOD AT and work so hard for. I have seen careers stilted, altered, or obliterated because the individual was not aware of these things or simply was used to getting by with excuses.

Do not let this discourage you!!! Let it ENCOURAGE you to find the pinch points and work on them. I know people with extreme disabilities and illnesses who continued to find ways to move forward (and do GREAT things). You never know...facing the pinch points might be the thing that launches you into something great!

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