• Erin Wilson

Last 80 Days Challenge!

We have 80 days left in 2020.

What a weird year, right? And yet, interestingly enough it has been one of the biggest growth years for me personally. I think that is because in 2019 I set some things in motion towards the last few months and I took advantage of the oddity of this year to focus on those goals.

So...I am challenging YOU to make the MOST of the last 80 days of this year. What can you start doing that will help you LEVEL UP as an artist and a person? What can you let go of that isn't serving you anymore?

Make the most of these days and join the EWS Last 80 Days Challenge. I will be sending out to the newsletter (get on the list if you aren't yet!) with free resources and downloads to help you focus on these goals and finish 2020 STRONGER than you started.


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