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How to use your FREE Practice Calendar

Hey, AMAZING ARTIST! Yeah, you.

I know you want to LEVEL UP your artistry game and I want to help you. I have filled out a practice calendar (that you downloaded from HERE) to help you apply the 5 tenets of Deliberate Practice. As a reminder they are:

  1. Know Your Current Limits (identify weaknesses)

  2. Set Realistic and Specific Goals (check out S.M.A.R.T. goals!)

  3. Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone (watch this video from 1:19 - 1:36)

  4. Be Consistent

  5. Get The Feedback that You Need from a Professional (hi! hit me up!)

Here is an example to help you fill yours out. You will notice I only practice 20 mins each session. I don't believe in LONG practice sessions all of the time. And this particular week I don't have a lot of time for it, so here is what an example looks like:

  • I have set my limits (time)

  • I have set realistic and specific goals in the GOALS section

  • I am pushing myself beyond my comfort zone by to committing to practice 4 times during the week and singing through a pop song which isn't my forte

  • I am consistent with my practice by doing my SOVT exercises and warm-ups each practice

  • I have a lesson to get feedback that I can apply to my personal practice

AND THAT'S IT! It's easier than you think and I guarantee you will see faster results in your goals if you COMMIT to this.

Let me know how I else I can support you in your goals and personal practice. YOU GOT THIS.


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